Holy. Hell. I love my job today. First Liam Neelson, and now this: 12 Hot Irish Actors We’d Like to Share a Drink With On St. Patty’s Day. Count me in.

Colin Farrell I didn’t even know you were Irish, but let’s have a whiskey straight because I feel like you’re that kind of guy.

Pierce Brosnan Do you get sick of people asking you to share a martini, shaken not stirred with them? Because I really want to do that. Can you just humor me?

Cilliam Murphy You are cute but you look like you are five. Shirley Temples all around.

Chris O’Dowd We are totally having Guinness. I’m sorry. You have no say in this.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Annnnd we’re back to whiskey again.

See the full list of hot Irish actors here.

[Betty Confidential]


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