1. Developers are crazy smart. They know their stuff inside out, and are always learning new things.

Source: Tumblr

2. They appreciate their relationships, and realize there won’t always be cake. (This is not a lie.)

3. Developers are problem solvers; if something’s wrong, they’ll work to fix it.

Source: Tumblr

4. If a developer can search for a semicolon through countless lines of code, it means they’ve mastered the art of patience.

Source: quickmeme

5. Builds failing, code breaking; a great sense of humour is something every developer has to have.

6. Looking for someone who’ll notice you? A good developer is always paying attention to details.


Source: Tumblr

7. Computer not working? A developer can probably figure out why, and then make it run faster!

8. Developers are generally happy with their career — meaning less stress at home!

9. Mind games aren’t logical, so you won’t find developers playing one with you. Unless, of course, it’s a video game.

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10. Developers are thinkers and learners. They’ll enjoy having engaging, thoughtful conversations with you, and they’ll appreciate your perspective.

Source: Tumblr

11. Developers aren’t hard to find. They’re always on the Internet and waiting to meet you.

12. There’s never a NULL moment! Developers are genuinely good people.

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