1. You’re texting each other so much that you know each other’s schedules, down to waking time, afternoon snack time, and flossing time.

2. You’re sharing daily, mutually appreciated sex fantasies via email.

3. You’re planning your wedding.

4. You’ve traded sex numbers.

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5. You’ve traded ex stories. (Seriously, if you don’t go on a date soon, you’re going to end up breaking up before you ever meet. That’s how soon you need to go on a date already.)

6. You know which parts of each other’s profiles are white lies. (Okay, so you aren’t Neutral Milk Hotel’s biggest fan; you just read about them on a music blog.)

7. You know each other’s high school GPAs. Or SAT scores. Or parents’ first names. Or salaries.

8. You’re feeling so comfortable you’d leave the bathroom door open.

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9. You’ve come up with this super-romantic plan where you guys trade one personal story from your life every day until you meet. And you already know about the one time he gave his favorite leather jacket to that one girl in college, that other time he dated a girl with the same first name as you, and that other time his dad yelled at him for losing his new baseball mitt.

10. You’ve Googled each other to the point where you’re now reading page 6 of the results.

11. You’ve memorized the lyrics to his band’s downloadable songs.

12. You’ve exchanged more than three online messages. Let’s be serious. Aren’t you online dating to actually meet people?

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