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Date Rewards: Check Out These Winners

When we've talked to people about how to make HowHookup an amazing site, the top things that came up over and over are: good dates, good profiles and good people.

Introducing the Date Rewards Tracker was our way of saying, let's make this site awesome by paying people to do those things that will make the site what it's born to be: A creative and authentic place for people to meet and go on lovely/wild/classic dates. The return is pretty solid: Win $100 for reaching 1,000 points (earned by inviting friends, posting photos and dates, etc.).

To get Date Rewards rolling, we added 7 sweet bonus prizes. Here are the first winners, what they chose and a bit about them. And remember -- we're still game to shell out $100 for your 1,000 points. So get on it.

1. Meet Colleen

Her prize: Tickets to see Fences

Her strategy: I got the points by logging on and answer questions, uploading photos, etc. I told a couple of my friends about the site because its something different from other dating websites. They were intrigued and signed up.

Why she loves HowHookup: I like that HowHookup can suggest things to do in NYC. Besides going on dates, I also often think of some of the activities to do with friends. But I like how you can find mutual interests with someone based on an activity. It makes it more creative than the usual meeting up for drinks.

Her Prize Pick: I picked the prize because I really enjoy theatre. I do work in theatre as well, but I'm really wanting to see Fences on Broadway.

2. Meet Marissa.

Her Prize: Tickets to see the Yankees.

What is appealing to you about a Yankees game for a date?
I'm actually a Red Sox fan so this should be interesting. I'm going with someone who is a die hard yanks fan so we will see how far I can push his buttons. If he can deal with that, then it's a match made in heaven.

3. Meet Emily.

And her prize:

Enough said.

4. Meet Yael.

Her prize: Two Tickets to go see Jack Johnson.

5. Meet Ellen.

Her prize: Dinner for Two at Jean Georges.

6. Meet Grace.

Her prize: Two Tickets to go see Passion Pit.

7. Meet Rachel.

Her prize: Bourbon and Dumplings on us at 169 Bar.

Now go earn some points -- $100 could be yours!


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