It’s easy to forget this in the modern age of smartphones, sex robots, dating blogs, etc., but humans are animals, and we’re affected by the seasons whether we like it or not. In the colder months, we tend to “hibernate.” We don’t sleep through the entire winter, but, in spite of our best efforts, things like exercise, meeting new people and dating will often taking a backseat to all that Gilmore Girls you need to “catch up on.”

Well, Spring is undeniably sprung and Rory and Lorelei will still be glibly quipping their faces off next winter. It’s time to go on some real dates. Outside. In the world.

Despite your best laid plans, however, you totally forgot to get back in shape for less-clothes-season. Whoops. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got the perfect way for you to kill two birds with one awesome stone — here are five dates that’ll get you back in dating shape.

1. Hooping!

Hooping (the in-crowd drops the “hula,” FYI) is the ultimate outdoor exercise date because it’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s a great workout that barely seems like exercise at all. We spoke with Jocelyn Gordon, Director of Teacher Training for Hoopnotica, who shared with us the further benefits of hoop-dating. “The circular and sensuous nature of hoop dance provides an extra big helping of Pleasure as the hoop massages the body and encourages laughter,” said Gordon. “Awkward situations or lulls in conversation would melt with ease an allow for a natural flow of conversation.”

Sensuality and a cure-all for awkwardness? Sounds perfect, but is it a little too comfortable for a first date?

“The hoop also provides a natural boundary around the body and creates a safe space for body and movement expression,” says Gordon. So as sexy as your core-strenthening gyrations may be, nobody’s getting near you until you want them to. Post a hooping date here.

2. Biking!

Oh, the ways you can date on a bike! Picnic along the bike path? Padding up and crashing a bike polo pick-up game? Get a boombox and recreate the “Send Me An Angel” scene from Rad? HowHookup users are WAY better at this than I am. Check out their suggestions.

3. Hiking!

The secret to the hiking date? A “hike” is really just a more physically exhausting “walk.” Generally, with more of nature’s bounty to feast your eyes on. The benefit of a hike as opposed to walk, besides all of that extra glute-tightening, is that it’s okay not to talk on a hike, too. Awkward silences can be easily explained away by physical exertion and pausing to take in all of nature’s glory. HowHookup users totally get this, too.

4. Dancing!

Dancing counts, folks. Dancing under the stars, half-drunk on poorly concealed white wine spritzer’s while some Chicago cover band plays in the park also counts. (Go ahead, post it.)

5. Jump Rope! Pogo Stick! Red Rover!

HowHookup users are big on dates that make you feel like a kid again. The difference between now and then? You ran around. All the time. Just for fun. Double Dutch double date? Find a pogo stick on Ebay and try to beat each others’ bounce records? You and your date could start an impromptu game of freeze tag in the park and see how many strangers you can get involved. Most playground games from your childhood will prove to be good exercise and a great date.

So, ready to get back into dating shape? Post a jump-roping/hiking/biking date here.

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