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Artisanal Ice Cream Sandwiches Are the Hot New Date Trend

We're noticing a new trend in spring dates this season: The Novelty Ice Cream Date.

Maybe it's the manifestation of a renewed sense of national optimism that prompted this shift in culinary attention to the sweeter side of life. Maybe it's a penchant for nostalgia of things we loved in childhood.

Or maybe we just collectively realized how delicious an ice cream sandwich really is.

Whatever the reason, sweet, frozen treats are back in a big way. (We've seen trends like this before. Last spring, lobster rolls were the "it" date.)

We talked to Maryse Chevriere, an editor at The Daily Meal and asked her why she thinks sharing an en vogue ice cream sandwich makes a great date.

"If you're in the initial stages of dating, it's just the right amount of non-commitment," she says. "You can share a bite, walk around enjoying the good weather, and if things are going smoothly, move on to something else (like having a drink at an outdoor patio)."

And think of this: even the fanciest ice cream sandwich won't set you back more than $10, making it a great "add-on" to any outdoor summer date idea.

So, what should look for in the perfect sandwich? Chevriere fills us in:

"The cookie should have that freshly-baked soft in the middle but crisp on the bottom kind of texture -- it has to have structural integrity, you don't want it crumbling to pieces when you bite into it. The ice cream should be a little of the firmer side (not break-your-front-teeth frozen), but you can imagine the mess something like softserve would make spilling out the sides after every bite. And of course, the flavor of the ice cream and the cookie have to go well together. Also, personally, I don't like a sandwich that's too fat -- I want to be able to get everything in one bite."

Flavor + consistency + ice-cream-to-cookie ratio: got it? Good. Grab a date, and you're ready to find the best ice cream sandwich in your town.

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