Mmmkay, this is the type of story that makes me think we are focusing too much on science funding: an experiment to determine how a woman reacts to being flirted with and then dropped for someone else. (Spoiler: not well!)

In the experiment, two participants (a man and a woman) are supposed to work on a problem solving task. Except SECRETLY the man is PART of the experiment, and he’s been instructed to flirt with the poor woman, who is of course both flattered and completely in the dark.

THEN, after 10 minutes, aNOTHER woman comes in, and the guy is supposed to drop ANY interest in the first woman and give his undivided attention to the second woman, leaving the first woman to just awkwardly concentrate on the problem-solving task while Mr. and Mrs. Buddy-Buddy laugh and flirt and don’t even help, NOT THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME.

Oh, but it gets worse.

After 10 minutes with the new chick (who right now I’m imagining with long shiny hair which she casually flips over her shoulder when she laughs), the (evil, mad) scientist in charge of the experiment walks in and announces that only TWO people can be working on the problem at once.

So the guy, sans hesitation, turns to the second girl and says “Want to work together?” while the original girl does her best to fight back embarrassment and leave with dignity.

And then the scientist can gleefully write down results, like “Her face fell! She looked jealous!”

All in the name of science!

[The Hairpin]

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