AskMen recently got Miss USA Rima Fakih to list her advice on how to win women over. Interesting concept, but can Miss USA, who lets face it, probably has a very different dating life than the average American woman, really give sage advice? Well, sort of!

Check out Rima’s top 10 list, and our (very average) insights below.

1. Wear Nice Shoes

Miss USA Says: “For some reason, the first thing I notice in a man is his shoes. But it’s not to see how expensive or new they are. I think shoes or sneakers say a lot about a guy. I love when a guy’s wearing Jordans. ”

We Say: Maybe not the first thing we notice, but definitely something we pay attention to. Something to keep in mind is that the type of shoe doesn’t matter as much as whether the shoe fits the occasion/rest of the outfit. So, Jordans are fine, for example, for a casual date, but don’t wear them with a button-down shirt. Conversely, dressier shoes shouldn’t be worn with shorts on a hike.

2. Be Confident, Not Cocky

Miss USA Says: “I’d like to hear confidence…[but] try not making a girl feel like she’s lucky to be with you.”

We Say: Oh man, if every guy made ‘confident, not cocky’ his dating motto, the world would be a better place.

3. Don’t Be Intimidated

Miss USA Says: Don‘t judge a person’s character based on looks. That beautiful intimidating lady that you run into coincidentally every other day might be the one thinking you’re too intimidating to talk to, so man up and say hello.

We Say: Uhm, sure? This seems like an issue that’s pretty specific to being Miss USA. But, in theory, yes, sure.

4. Don’t Use Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Miss USA: “”If you’re not the most suave guy and you want someone to notice you, don’t try pickup lines. The best contact comes in the spur of the moment. Sometimes it’s most likely a remark, a joke or a clever interaction, depending on the circumstances.”

We Say: In general, a practiced line that you’ve used/she’s heard 1,000 times is never gonna make a good impression. But SOME guys can probably make the cheesy pick-up line work.

5. Maintain Good Hygiene

Miss USA Says: “It does not matter how you look; if you smell good, a girl would want to sit next to you. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Why are you sitting next to Larry?’ ‘He smells so good.’ And Larry would be a ninth grader. So I would say Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is definitely a plus.”

We Say: “Yes” to good hygiene, and “what??” to the sort of bizarre Larry anecdote.

6. Try Again

Miss USA Says: “If a man keeps trying, that means I’m not just any woman that he’s interested in — I must be special.”

We Say: Girls are easily freaked out by super determined pursuers, so proceed with caution.

7. Don’t Shower Her With Gifts

Miss USA Says: “I’ve had rich men in my life who thought they can flatter me with gifts. To me, that comes across as an insult. You’re making it seem as if you can buy me.”

We Say: Uhm, no. Please keep the gifts coming. Under no circumstances will most American women be insulted by gifts.

8. Compliment Her Sincerely

Miss USA Says: Women like food, water and compliments. But when you keep saying them one after the other, it’s going to seem like a bad pickup line. Ask her a question about her family. And while she’s talking, say, ‘I’m sorry, I just… You’re so beautiful. OK, keep going.’ Mix it up like spices.”

We Say: Mmmkay, women like food, water, compliments, among other things. (Including presents!) But, uh, sure, in general, compliments are preferable when they’re sincere, though we’re not wild about the idea of not listening to what she’s saying because she’s “so beautiful.”

9. Speak And Listen Earnestly

Miss USA Says: “A girl loves a man who listens, and that’s very odd to find. Don’t just look for words. Listen to her ideas, thoughts and emotions and make sure you get them.”

We Say: Well, sure, what’s to argue with that?

10. Remember That Nobody Is Out Of Your League

Miss USA Says : “If there is a guaranteed way to miss out on a potential date, it’s by considering yourself to be out of their league. By doing so, you’re effectively convincing yourself that you’re not good enough for them. Why would they think you’re in their ‘league’ when you can’t be confident in your own self-worth?

You’d be surprised how many great women or men end up with the wrong mate because the right person was too intimidated to try.”

We Say: YES YES YES! Truer words were never spoken. You can forget the shoes, the gifts, the compliments, the hygiene (well, no, don’t forget the hygiene), but don’t psych yourself out about leagues.