The term “online dating” is a little misleading, isn’t it? A dating website is where you go to get dates, not where the actual dating occurs. However, the amount of time that most people spend filling out their profiles, messaging, “winking,” “liking” and whatever else is often greater than the amount of time that people spend on actual dates. This is completely backwards.

HowHookup is a new kind of dating site that’s based on the idea that people want to spend less time staring at a computer screen and more time doing the things they like doing with people who like those things too. Get online. Get a date. Get offline. That’s our motto.

That’s not to say that your online dating profile isn’t important. It’s just not actually you. At HowHookup, we think of a profile as more of an “elevator pitch” as opposed to an autobiography. We believe that by telling people the dates that you’d really want to go on, you’re creating a more accurate first impression than you could spending hours on your “About Me.” That’s why we’ve made your online dating profile super-easy to fill out. If you follow these guidelines, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Seriously.

It’s Okay To Skip A Question

If the answer’s not coming to you right away, skip it. You’re answering these questions, mostly, to prove that you’re an actual person. If you’re able to answer 4 or 5 off the top of your head, you’re in good shape. You can always go back in later when you have a flash of brilliance.

Keep It Brief

You want to have something to talk about when you actually meet, right? Save the details for the date. If your profile has more than a few lines for each section, we’re probably not going to read the whole thing anyway. Say your piece and move on.

Skip the Laundry List of Deal-Breakers

Too many inflexible requirements will make you make you seem rigid before anyone gets the chance to learn how great you really are. Even if you absolutely can’t date a smoker, saying so in your profile won’t stop smokers from messaging you if they’re interested. So, kill two birds with one stone by saving yourself a few minutes and making a more open first impression. You’ll usually be able to tell if someone won’t measure up to your standards with just a quick look at their profile, anyway.

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Spend The Most Time On Your Pics

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So three pics is worth three thousand and so forth. More pics means you can get a way with writing a lot less, so it’s worth putting a few minutes into this section. Three to five pics is good. Here’s how do do it quickly, without too much stress.

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First pic: Your Facebook or Twitter profile pic. Unless it’s some “Mad- Men-ified” nonsense or a picture of Mr. T with Betty White or something. We need a pic of your actual human face.

Second pic: A clear shot of your face. It’s so frustrating when you cant tell how someone actually looks from their pictures. If you don’t have one, use your phone or the built in cam on your computer, take no more than three shots and pick your favorite. Done.

Third, Fourth and Fifth pics: These should be shots in which you’re doing something you love. If you show us a photo of you standing at the top of the mountain that you climbed in Peru with a big smile on your face, you no longer need to tell us that you’re fit, adventurous, like to travel, REALLY like climbing mountains and have a nice smile in your profile, because now we know. Because we’re not stupid and if we are, you don’t want to date us anyway, right?

Once your profile is filled out, you can start applying the same principle to the way that you use a dating site, in general. Spend as little time as you can, get dates, and go out.