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Surprise, Surprise: The Thing Men Think About As Often As They Think About Sex

A new poll conducted at Ohio State University shows that men think about food and sleep just as often as they think about sex. This might surprise you, as pop culture often makes it seem as though men think about sex all the time.

Keeping track of how often you think about all of the above seems like a fun task to try one day at home, except I'm afraid my tally would look a little like this:

Sex: xx
Sleep: xxxxx
Food: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Since now we know that food is just as important to men as sex, women (and men) who date men should use this to their advantage: All dates should probably include some sort of a food element. Or food and sex! Or, eventually, food, then sex, then sleep! But at the very least, food.

(Men: Don't say we never did anything for you.)

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