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The 5 Best NYC Date-Worthy Drinks For Spring

Spring! It’s the time of year when New Yorkers stop drinking excessively to chase away the blues and start drinking excessively in celebration of the flowers and baby birdies. Wetting your chapped lips with the same old brown liquor, alone in some dark tavern corner? We’re all done with that. Grabbing a date by the hand, stepping out into the crisp night air and popping something bubblier, fresher and brighter into your smiling face-hole? That’s what we do now.

Here are the 5 best drinks to set a light, romantic mood this spring in the city (and where to find them):

1. What’s the Dillio?

It’s peanut infused bourbon, Canton ginger liqueur, muddled dill and lime. It’s like a cold Thai peanut noodle salad you can drink, but the opposite of how gross that sounds. Get the Dillio at Red Rooster.

2. The Trendiest Drink Named After The Trendiest Animal

What’s up with honey badgers? Are they a new kind of badger? Because the way that everybody’s talking about them, you’d think they were invented by some kid covering Lady Gaga on YouTube. It was only a matter of time before someone named a punch (the trendiest drink for spring) after the only animal that doesn’t need photoshopped glasses to be hip. You can impress your date with a glass of Honey Badger Punch at Cienfuegos.

3. The Evening Bloody Mary

Alcoholic beverages made with tomatoes and tobacco sauce are probably only delicious when you have a blinding hangover and an empty stomach. Verlaine’s fresh Vietnamese twist on the the Bloody Mary, however, is perfect for watching the sunset. You can choose lemongrass, cucumber, melon or hot-pepper vodka and they’ll smash ginger and horseradish into it for kick. Perfect way to start the night.

4. Drink Like A Baby

When’s the last time you had strained, pureed peas? Probably before you had teeth, right? Well there’s a reason that your folks used peas to get you used to the idea of actual food: Peas are sweet, fresh and delicious. Much like the spring air, no? That’s why Hotel Griffou claims that their Sweet Pea cocktail is the taste of the season. They triple-strain the peas so that all you get is the sweet, sweet essence.

5. Time to Get Rhubarbed

It’s rhubarb season and that means you need to rhubarb up while the rhubarb lasts. The Clover Club has got you covered with their fresh Rhubarb Spritz -- Aperol, strawberry, rhubarb, lemon juice and Prosecco. Go get rhubarbed.

[via Eater, Metro & NYP]

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