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Sporty, Hungry, Thirsty and Wicked Smaht: Boston Dating Trends

Bostonian singles are as cultured as they are fun-loving, and it really shows in the dates they're going on. Here are some recent Boston trends we've noticed on HowHookup.

Smart is definitely sexy

Museum dates are the most popular first date idea in Boston, proving that Bostonians are wicked smaht. In fact, they’re 25% more likely to take a date to a museum than anywhere else in the country. Take that, New York.

Beer Me

Beer dates outnumber wine dates 2:1 in Boston. That's not to say that Bostonians just love to pound beers in some dive. Microbreweries, in particular, are one of the trendier date spot for Boston singles.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

It’s no surprise that in Red Sox Nation, sports dates are the second most popular date idea. It's more surprising that's they're not the first most popular. Bruins dates are also popular as well as the occasional "sporting-event-as-an-excuse-to-drink" date.

It's easy to combine beer and sports, but some creative Bostonian dating geniuses are even able to work in ALL THREE of these trends:

Boston is Awesome For Picnics

Boston is serious about its parks, so when the weather gets nice, it makes sense that Boston daters would hit the public spaces in droves. Picnic dates are incredibly popular, and suggesting a picnic is more likely to get you a date.

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