Hot damn, Glamour has come up with a list of 96 relationship red flags. Never ones to be left out of coming up with ways to cast judgment, we’ve added 10 of our own. That’s 106 red flags to print out and keep on your refrigerator!

Just kidding. Obviously a good portion of these are jokes, and very few are dealbreakers outright. But some of them are really good things to look out for…so here are our additions to the list.

97. He doesn’t read books. You’re not sure he’s ever read a book.

98. He clearly would prefer to cuddle with his cat than cuddle with you.

99. His room looks like something you’ve seen on an episode of Hoarders.

100. All of his friends are girls. ALL of them. And you’re pretty sure he confides in them what he would never actually tell you.

101. He can’t please you in bed, and isn’t interested in trying.

102. He’s NEVER had a relationship before. Ever.

103. He always wants to stay at your place, and never has you over to his.

104. He won’t introduce you to his parents.

105. He urges you to be irresponsible: “skip work!” “splurge” “just this once!” Except it’s never just this once.

106. He goes to get manicures. Never trust a man who gets manicures. [Ed. note: Hmmm, the 9th most popular HowHookup date of 2020 was a manicure date (proposed by a man)...just saying.]

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What are your relationship red flags? Let us know in the comments!