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The Five Most Stylish Dates in San Francisco

Sunset Magazine knows local style. So who better than Sunset's Style Editor, Miranda Jones, to recommend the most stylish local dates? She says:

"The best thing about style is that it is totally arbitrary, and it can be applied to everything from duds to dishware, which is pretty obvious to anyone that lives in SF. There are tons of stylish haunts to are a few of my favorites."

1. Haight or Die

The date: How Hookup… hit the Haight? Let’s start with a cocktail at the glamorous Aub Zam Zam Club, with its Persian murals and juke box full of jazz. In the words of Herb Caen, it is “a place that time forgot…its curving bar filled with worshipers sitting in silent contemplation of the silver bullet in its graceful stemmed glass. You expect perhaps Charles Boyer whispering to Hedy Lamarr, ‘Take me to zuh Cazbah.’” Once you are in the mood, walk arm in arm to the Red Vic , home of the best theatre popcorn ever, and watch whatever is playing. Dollars to donuts, it is something full of style.

Why it's great: It is the perfect high/low date.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

2. Around the World

The date: How Hookup… take a trip around the world?

This one is a triple whammy, folks. Not only is the Balenciaga (the Spanish fashion house) exhibit all about fashion (which is just another word for style), but it is being shown in one of the most stylish buildings in San Francisco, the de Young Museum (designed by the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron)! Be sure to check out the tower for romance inducing views before heading to nearby Namu (Korean cuisine) for a delicious and stylishly presented meal. (Don’t fret if you have zero interest in Balenciaga - there are plenty of other things to see at the de Young!)

Why it's great: The self congratulatory mood that you will both be in after taking advantage of the culture that SF has to offer will lead to a spontaneous meeting of the Mutual Appreciation Society.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

3. Dinner is for Schmucks

The date: How Hookup... try to spoil our dinner?

Hayes Valley is home a few of my favorite things and this date involves two of them. Kick off the evening with a sugar high from Miette Candy Store. This is the kind of place that you dream of as a kid - stacks of glass jars stuffed to the brim with all the candy you could ask for and no one to scold you about rotting teeth. Fill your pockets with your sugar of choice and mosey on down to Bar Jules for a dinner at one of the most delicious and stylish neighborhood gems in the city. (Seriously folks. Even if the food weren’t so good, I would go for the interior alone)

Why it's great: Dessert first. Duh.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

4. Bridge to Nowhere. Or, um, Marin.

The date: How Hookup... cross the Golden Gate Bridge?

Yea, I know that it seems like a commitment but a little car trip is an excellent way to get to know one another (is he really listening to Hootie & The Blowfish? Is that week old take out she has in the back seat?). Plus, the city looks beautiful from the other side. Head to Heath Ceramic’s showroom where you can take a tour of the factory and score some ‘seconds’ at a sweet price. Once you work up an appetite, head to Fish for a lobster roll & fries served at picnic tables on the water. Don’t forget the Anchor Steam.

Why it's great: Mini road trip!

Want to go on this date? Click here.

5. Old School SF

The date: How Hookup... do North Beach, old school style?

Dress like grown ups for once and meet at Tosca for a drink served by someone in a bow tie. Put some Sinatra on the juke box (I recommend, “Come Fly With Me”) and get to know each other in one of the red booths in the back. Before you are seeing double, walk over to Tommaso’s, home of the first wood fire pizza oven in San Francisco (1936!) to share a pizza pie under the hand painted murals of Italy.

Why it's great: it is much less expensive than a trip to Italy but just as likely to win someone’s heart. That’s amore!

Want to go on this date? Click here.

What are your favorite stylish dates? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, post your own date on HowHookup!

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