Oh, this is somehow so unsurprising. According to a new study by Playboy, men are more likely than women to take a naked self-portrait.

27% of men vs. 23% of women may not seem like a huge margin, until you consider how much more frequently women are portrayed taking cell-phone pics in the media.

If you’ve always been too timid to take a naked picture of yourself, but now feel bolstered by this statistic (after all, almost 1/3rd of men have done it!), here are some things to keep in mind before you hit “send”:

1) Are you sending this to a lady friend? Take a moment to really, really consider what you’re doing. Is this your girlfriend? If the answer is no, you should NOT be sending these pictures! If the answer is yes, have you already discussed the possibility of naked pictures? As in, has she given you any reason to believe she would find this a turn on? Should you maybe start with the slightly less titillating torso shot, and then take it from there? You should. Also, read this.

2) Will your face ALSO be in the picture? If so, well, there’s no disavowing that it’s you, ever.

3) Do you mind the idea of strangers/vague acquaintances seeing this picture? If the answer is “yes”, don’t email/text the picture to ANYONE. Keep the picture in your possession, always. Keep in mind that if you break up with the intended recipient, this picture will stay on their hard drive, always.

4) Do you leave your camera/phone/computer around where other people can see it/mistake it for their own/casually look through it without ever dreaming of finding inappropriate pictures? Be careful. (Particularly if your co-workers or family members like to idly flip through your phone.)

Have any cautionary tales to share? Tell us in the comments.

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