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Mad Men, Dinosaurs and Obnoxious Singing: The 10 Best User-Proposed HowHookup Dates This Week

You guys just can't stop with the awesome, creative date ideas. Here are our 10 favorite HowHookup dates posted this week. May they inspire you to greatness!

Simple, but exactly the right idea: Do the things you want to do anyway -- and bring a date. Two beautiful birds, one awesome stone.

YES! Where are they?! Should I be afraid?

Mad Men's the one set in post-Apocalyptic Australia with the motorcycle gangs, right? Coooool.

We love this date because it's so... great.

Stalking is cute if you do it with a date.

Boozy brunches make for great dates because of the playful, conspiratorial, "we're not supposed to be drinking during the day," vibe. Add an outdoor table on a sunny day? Forget about it.

I've tried to make dandelion wine and failed a number of times. Something tells me that this guy is going to nail it.


"UHHH... I HAAAVE ONNN A FUNNNY HAAAAAT." "Nyow I hyave on a dyifferent fyunny hyat!" Okay, I suck at this game, but it's an awesome idea.

This one's only in NYC, but it'd be worth coming here for it. There's a train station that was built, but never used. It was supposed to usher in a bold new era of mass transit, but something went wrong. They say it's beautiful. Seriously, can you think of anything more romantic?

Think you can do better? Post your own crazy/fun/creative date here -- then nominate it for inclusion in next week's roundup by tweeting at us or posting it on our Facebook wall.

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