Anyone who’s been around the dating block will be quick to tell you that people have issues: intimacy problems, emotional walls, and the myriad of quirks that make us human. It’s easy to catalogue these in other people (“She was so flakey, always canceling plans!” “He’d refuse to talk things out!” “She’d insist on making such a huge deal out of anniversaries and Valentine’s Day!”), but how often do we stop and examine our own quirks?

Thought Catalog published a funny piece yesterday called “5 Things You Should Know Before You Consider Dating Me,” in which the author examines her own relationship idiosyncrasies.

The post inspired me to come up with my own list. Truthfully, these are not things I’d ever alert someone about before we started dating (or even during, actually). And I’d like to think they aren’t dealbreakers, either. But as a single person who is constantly judging potential dates on their habits, it was eye-opening to take ten minutes and be self-reflective.

After all, as you navigate the world of dating, it’s important to remember that nobody’s perfect…including you.

1. You Will Do Something To Annoy Me, But I Won’t Tell You, I’ll Just Act Miffed, And When You Ask Me What’s Wrong, I’ll Say “Nothing! I’m Fine!”
Because I won’t be able to just tell you how annoyed I got when you loudly slurped your coffee.

2. For The First Year Of Dating, I Will Be Tempted To Buy A New Outfit Every. Time. I. See. You.
And all of our dates will be preceded by a breakdown in front of my closet, because I will want to look perfect for you.

3. If I Say “I Don’t Care” In Response To The Question “What Do You Want To Do?” It Means I Secretly Have A Preference, But Don’t Want To Be The One To Suggest It
Because, as my boyfriend, shouldn’t you be able to just intuit that I feel like eating Mexican food and seeing a movie without me having to articulate it to you? God.

4. I Have A Cat
I feel like my relationship with my cat is a pretty normal human/pet relationship. My cat is not my best friend, she is my cat.

That having been said, she does exist, and I do own her, and if you happen to not like cats, well, I’m not going to abandon or get rid of her. She came first. It’s not her fault you don’t like her kind.

5. I Genuinely Worry About Regularly Routine Things
I will vocally be anxious about a lot of things, most of which turn out to be fine. You can try to comfort, but that will probably get old, so feel free to just ignore. It’s probably not going away.

6. I Am Hilarious And A Good Traveler*
I am so funny! My hair always smells good! Also I am a really good traveler–we will probably get bumped up to first class and we will never fight on vacations together because I will be so relaxed and on top of things!

*This list was starting to make me look bad. I had to add a positive #6 to even things out. I suggest you do the same when coming up with your own lists.