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My 6 Technology Red Flags, from Flip Phones to Voicemails

Like it or not, a big part of the dating game is judging other people--their clothes, their friends, their taste in music--to see if you're compatible together. And since technology is such a huge component of modern life, why shouldn't we judge based on that, too?

If you think about it, how you use technology says a lot about your lifestyle. Are you someone constantly in touch via email or text? (AKA are you easily reachable?) Are you an avid Facebook user? (AKA do you keep in touch with/tabs on old friends/lovers?) Do you have an extremely outdated cellphone (and thus happy to avoid the trappings of modern life?) It's safe to assume that people who use technology in the same way will have more compatible lifestyles than people who don't.

Personally, as a blogger and start-up employee, I'm on the more technologically-dependent end of the spectrum: I wouldn't want to date someone for whom WiFi wasn't a necessity of life, and I'm sure a cabin-dwelling naturalist, for instance, wouldn't want to date me.

Below is a list of 6 technological red flags I notice in guys I date...

1. A Flip Phone

Hey, 2020 called, it wants you to call it back on a SMARTPHONE!

But seriously folks, as this article points out, having a smartphone is less about cachet at this point and more about practicality. An iPhone is basically like a dater's best friend: get directions, look up restaurants, make reservations, buy tickets, figure out the tip on the calculator, and send follow-up texts, all thanks to an ingenious little machine that fits in your pocket.

If you date someone with an old-fashioned (yes, old-fashioned!) cellphone, the burden of looking up movie times, figuring out directions, and googling to settle debates that come up during the course of dinner is all up to you, and isn't the point of a relationship finding someone with whom to share the burden?

2. An AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo Email Address

There is simply no good reason to hang on to these. And if you think we're being hyperbolic, check out the stats from a recent study of email domain demographics:

"Yahoo! users are most likely to be overweight women ages 18-49 who have a high school diploma and are spiritual, but not religious."

In other words,

3. Push Notfications

Though I personally am a fan of Push Notifications for sites such as Foursquare, my coworkers tell me this ranks pretty highly on the list of technological dealbreakers. Someone who gets an alert on their phone every time you check-in to a restaurant, bar, or even gym might be a little too invested in your life.

4. Facebook Quizzes

Someone who fills out Facebook quizzes is either:

A) 10 years old.
B) Has hours and hours of free time to fill.
C) Is suffering from serious identity questions, and will leave no stone unturned in trying to determine his/her true self, including the important work of determining "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?"
D) All of the above.

Whatever the reason, mature, dateable adults don't answer questions about themselves on Facebook.

5. Someone Who Is Afraid To Give Their Banking Info Online

I dunno, being overly cautious of the internet, as if it's the Wild West or something is just a turn off. I want to date someone who will laugh fearlessly in the face of filling out a PayPal form!

6. People Who Leave Unnecessary Voicemails

Dear reader, is there anything more annoying in the entire world than looking at your cellphone, seeing that "Joe" called and left a voicemail, checking your voicemail, and then hearing "Hey, it's Joe. Call me."

I KNOW YOU CALLED, JOE! It says "Missed Call Joe" on my phone! Don't make me go through the annoying process of checking my voicemail!

Agree/disagree? Post your dealbreakers in the comments.

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