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Joseph Gordon Levitt Gives Dating Advice In Spite Of Himself

In a recent interview with Made Man, dweeb-turned-hottie Joseph Gordon Levitt claimed to hate advice -- both the giving and the getting of it.

Oh, is that so, Joseph Gordon Levitt? If you really hate advice, then why are you so good at giving it? Hmmm?

In combing the brief interview with a fine-toothed... comb, I found a treasure trove of great dating tips for dudes. Sorry, Joseph, but it's true -- you've got a gift. Check out these nuggets of wisdom:

It's all about your hair

I've always said that any man can look handsome with the right haircut. JGL agrees, in his charming, off-hand way: "Cut your hair. I grew my hair long when I was like 12 or 13 so that I could head bang to Metallica and Guns ’N’ Roses. Then I got on a television show and they dug my hair, but they wouldn’t let me cut it, so I had to keep it for years. Whatever. I can’t complain. But once I got to cut it, I was relieved."

Rumor has it, the ladies of the world breathed a collective sigh of "I had no idea he was so hot" as well. [Ed note: This is true.]

Who you are is more impressive that what you have

"Well, I’m not really big on physical belongings. I’ve got a nice camera and I’ve got nice computers. But I don’t have a nice car or anything."

Impressing the ladies with a fancy car is so 80s. Gordon-Levitt doesn't put much stock in flashy luxury items, and neither should you.

Don't stress about the future

A lot of guys make this mistake in their dating lives. If you're stressed about the future of the relationship, you're either going to move unnaturally fast or slam on the brakes prematurely. Gordon-Levitt learned about staying in the moment from his character, "Hesher" in the upcoming film, Hesher:

"What I like about him is that he’s really present. He’s detached himself from a lot of the things that we all carry around with us. Like our material things, our cars and our houses and our clothes and our this and that. He’s detached himself from the future."

Don't take anyone's advice

JGL's best unintentional advice is, ironically, "don't take anyone else's advice."

"I get asked that a lot about advice. I don’t know about you, but I don’t give anybody advice, and I don’t usually listen to advice when people give me advice. I think my parents have taught me what they taught me by being who they are and treating me with respect—not by postulating advice."

Observe the people you admire and glean whatever you can. You're going to learn a lot more from the things people say and do when they're not trying to give advice, than from when they're trying to drop some wisdom. In fact, Gordon-Levitt's unintentional advice is a case in point. If it doesn't ring true for you, then it's not going to work for you.

[Made Man]

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