Some of the questions on online dating sites might seem a little silly and arbitrary, but they’ve all been carefully designed to elicit important information from you, and give you a chance to show off your charm and wit. The worst thing you can do is answer these questions with a non-commital “I’m not sure.”

For example, the HowHookup Profile Question “What Would I Bring To Show And Tell” may seem random, but the question gives you a perfect opportunity to brag a little and share something awesome about yourself. Would you bring a trophy you won? An item you picked up while traveling? A memento with sentimental significance, or an object that’s representative of a hobby? Whatever your answer is, it will give your potential dates a lot of information about the kind of person you are.

If you REALLY don’t have an answer for a question, better to skip it than give a vague answer. Just make sure you fill out at least 5 questions, enough to give other users a jumping off point if they want to message you.

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