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5 Best On-the-Cheap Dates in San Francisco

The Week Intro is like a bible for having fun on the cheap in the city. So it seemed like a natural fit to get the site's mastermind, Lea Troeh, to mastermind a few dates for us.

1. South of Chavez

The date: How Hookup… get some Vitamin D south of Chavez: Volunteer at Alemany Farm, then relax with a beverage in Wild Side West’s backyard.

Why it's great: There’s only a brief window when outdoor drinking is pleasant. Take advantage!

Want to go on this date? Click here.

2. Dates on Wheels

The date: How Hookup … pedal north on Polk for unique views: Bike to the Wave Organ, grab snacks at Greens to Go (10% discount with SF Bike Coalition membership), smell the roses at Fort Mason Community Garden, then grab the sunset from the Art Institute's roof deck.

Why it's great: Fort Mason has some of the best views in the city. And biking across town makes for a fab date.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

3. Mission: Romance

The date: How Hookup…meander mid-Mission on a Thursday: Start at Mission Community Market for music and produce, then go to bluegrass at the Atlas Cafe.

Why it's great: the Mission is cool.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

4. The Richmond is for Lovers.

The date: How Hookup..... roam Inner Richmond: Grab Russian pastries at Cinderella Bakery, poke around the creepy aquarium stores, exchange literary thoughts at Green Apple, then see if the line's too long at Burma Superstar.

Why it's great: The Richmond has some of the best food in the city.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

5. Farm Fresh to Gough

The date: How Hookup... go up Gough: volunteer at The Free Farm (Gough/Eddy, workdays Wed and Sat 10-2, free vegan lunch!), then attend one of the unique events at 100 Days of Spring!

Why it's great: No better way to get to know someone that a little, old-fashioned farmwork.

Want to go on this date? Click here.

What are your favorite on-the-cheap dates? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, post your own date on HowHookup!


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