Outdoor movie screenings are one of summer’s greatest pleasures, and luckily for us, New York provides ample opportunities to enjoy them. The most unique is definitely the Intrepid’s Summer Movie Series, which offers free screenings of movie classics aboard the ship.

Pack a picnic and enjoy the last rays of the day: the movies all start at sundown. Great summer date, in our opinion!

May 27: Top Gun

“Maverick (Tom Cruise) is one of the best daredevil pilots in his class at the Miramar Naval Air Station for Top Gun advanced fighter school. He and his partner, Goose (Anthony Edwards), battle Russians fighter pilots over international waters. Incredible stunts and memorable aerial photography are some of the reasons why this action-packed story was one of the ‘80s most popular films.”

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June 24: Spiderman

“Break out the body suit – Spidey’s back! Peter Parker is just an average high school student until he is bitten by a genetically altered spider. He soon beings to discover that he has super-human strength, agility and an ESP-like spider sense. Peter decides to use his power for good and begins to fight crime. Let your group get tangled up in the biggest hit of the summer!”

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July 8: The Goonies

“THE GOONIES are a group of seven young friends from a small Northwest town who find themselves on a thrilling underground adventure filled with humor and heart-pounding peril as they seek the secrets behind the treasure of the notorious pirate, One-Eyed Willie. ”

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July 22: Back To The Future

“1980s teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is transported back in time to 1955 where he accidentally changes the course of history through a series of comic misadventures and finds he must return things to the way they were.”

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August 5th: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

“A being from outer space is accidentally stranded on Earth. In his search for refuge, E.T. wanders into a backyard where he is discovered by ten-year-old Elliott. Elliott assumes responsibility for E.T.’s safety while searching, in a race against time, for a way to reunite E.T. with his own kind in this heartwarming story of friendship and discovery.”

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August 19th: Jurassic Park

“Combining the latest in special effects with masterful storytelling, an age-old fantasy becomes a reality as dinosaurs are genetically re-created for the ultimate theme park in this adaptation of Michael Crichton’s best-selling novel, Jurassic Park. The adventure begins in wonder and excitement for the park’s first visitors, but soon takes a suspenseful turn as the dinosaurs break out of their carefully constructed environment and begin to wreak havoc.”

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