Man, nothing kills the mood like a crying woman! At least, according to science. Not so shocking, really (it would be disturbing if guys were turned on by tears, no?), but the process of how scientists arrived at this conclusion is pretty interesting.

Cognitive neuroscientist Noam Sobel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, collected the tears of self-proclaimed “easy criers” as they watched sad movies. (The article doesn’t say how these tears were collected….was he on hand with little vials during the sad parts of “The Notebook”?)

Okay, here’s where it gets really crazy:

Sobel then held the vials of tears under men’s noses as they watched “a titillating movie scene.” Men who sniffed tears reported lower levels of sexual excitement, and had less testosterone as those who sniffed saline.

Apparently, it’s not the sight of a woman crying that men can’t stand, it’s the smell.

The takeaway? Don’t go see a tear-jerker on a date. Also, don’t cry during the sex scenes of a movie when you’re on a date.

Thanks, Science!

[Scientific American]