The University of British Columbia recently conducted a study that proves what nice guys everywhere have known for centuries — women find smiling to be a turn-off.

The study, in which 1000 adults were asked about their sexual attraction to photos of the opposite sex appearing prideful, confident, ashamed or happy, found that women were significantly less attracted to photos of smiling men. Researchers did not ask women which men looked like the best cuddlers, listeners, parent-charmers, or cooks, but the results were definitive when it came to sex — confident, powerful, moody, or ashamed turned women on over happy and nice every time.

So, basically, guys, if you agree to help a woman move, be sure to do so begrudgingly at first, then break something due to overconfidence, then feel really bad about it. Otherwise, you’re totally not getting any.

[Daily Mail via The Hairpin]

Men Are Turned Off By Crying Women, Says Science

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