What’s the first question anyone asks when you start dating a new guy? “What does he do?” It’s a good question, of course, because obviously someone’s profession is an excellent indicator of how good a boyfriend/girlfriend they’ll make.

Inspired by “25 Best Guys To Date Based On Profession“, here are some pros & cons of dating men in some of the most common vocations, based on stereotypes alone. (In other words, for entertainment purposes only.)


Pros: He’s probably really good in an emergency — calm and level-headed. Practical. Can take care of your various extended family members when sick, do phone consultations, etc. Good with his hands. (Heh.) Great bedside manner. (Double heh.)

Cons: Hard to vent about your annoying coworker when your boyfriend’s lost a patient. Long hours. Maybe a little arrogant? Sometimes smells like antiseptic.

Grad Student

Pros: Flexible schedule means he can come meet you during your lunch break/pick up your dry cleaning/take your parents to the airport/wait for your FedEx package.

Cons: There’s no such thing as a happy grad student. Probably fairly broke (or needs to pretend to be in order to fit in with his grad school friends). Spends too much time in the library and/or with hot undergrad students.


Pros:Will let you stand behind the DJ booth at parties and look cool/request songs. You can throw kickass parties together. His mixtape will beat all your ex-boyfriends’ mixtapes.

Cons: Hard to book date nights when he’s DJing parties. Other girls constantly trying to flirtily request “Mr.Brightside.” DJ sounds cool til you remember it’s an abbreviation for “disc jockey” which then just makes the whole thing seem ridiculous.

Tech Entrepreneur

Pros: He’s smart, innovative, and doing something really cool that might possibly have a huge impact on the world and make a lot of money.

Cons: He knows he’s smart, innovative, and doing something really cool that might possibly have a huge impact on the world and make a lot of money.

Finance Guy

Pros: Everyone looks great in a suit. Good with money. Possibly good with money because he has plenty of it? Who cares! He loves to go to nice restaurants!

Cons: Okay, he likes to go to the same nice restaurants every week. And then straight home and to bed because he’s got to be at work at 7 am the next morning. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll watch a DVD. But probably a DVD of something filmed in the 90s.


Pros Makes delicious food for you! Adventurous eater! You’ll never have to cook! Probably likes to travel, because chefs all like to travel!

Cons: Maybe won’t want to come home and cook for you after cooking all day, which, frankly, sort of defeats the purpose of dating a chef.


Pros: Free drinks! Free drinks for all your friends!

Cons: The hours. He’ll get home at 4 am, possibly drunk after customers have bought him shots all night. Possibly not ready to settle down, if that’s what you’re looking for. (But you’re just looking for drinks, right? FREE DRINKS!)


Pros: He’s SO talented. Maybe one day he will commemorate you by writing a novel about you.

Cons: He’s SO talented….and so neurotic. His self-flagellation is hard to take, and no, that’s not a euphemism. He is CRAZY on a deadline, and does not want to hang out with you unless it’s to have you read his stuff and tell him that it’s good.

Any other professions that you think made for a particularly “good” or “bad” boyfriend? Let us know in the comments!