Ahoy! (That’s naval speak for “Oh Snap!”) It’s Fleet Week! From May 25th to May 30th, the city will be seized by all manner of marine mayhem. Of course, you’re free to troll the bars for a randy sailor on shore leave, but there are plenty of actual, legitimate dates you can go on, too. Here are our Top 5.


“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” sing-a-long? Very likely. The whole audience saying “You can ride my tail anytime,” in unison with Iceman? Less likely. [More details here.]


Try to avoid singing “I’m on a Boat!” Or don’t.


. People singing! And dancing! On boats! It’s like musicals about the Navy, come to LIFE.


It will either be totally bad-ass or really boring. Drinks after either way though, right?


No harm in trying. Unless you get beat up by actual sailors who don’t appreciate your dancing. In which case; harm. For the full schedule of official Fleet Week events check out www.intrepidmuseum.org.

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