If the way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach, then it’s probably time for me to learn how to cook. Lauren Conrad (yeah, that Lauren Conrad) just posted a recipe on her blog for “Blueberry Boy Bait,” which looks like a blueberry coffee cake, but promises to be something altogether more elusive: bait.

Apparently, the recipe was developed by a 15-year-old girl in 1954, and named because of the effect it had on teenage boys: one bite, and they were hooked. (Whether hooked on her or hooked on the cake is a little unclear.)

The notion of cooking something to “bait” a man is pretty regressive, not to mention sexist. (Uhm, the way to my heart? Also through my stomach. Why is no one cooking me blueberry crumble?)

Still, it’s fun to wonder whether there’s any grain of truth in it. The idea of being able to make someone ingest something and fall in love with you is universally appealing, and love potions are popular in nearly all folklore and mythologies. Glamour magazine can probably account for a third of the nation’s chicken sales, due to their enormously popular “Engagement Chicken” recipe, which is said to make your boyfriend propose. So, sure, it might be silly, but baking a blueberry cake can’t hurt your love life, can it?

So, who’s with me?

The Challenge:

Bake the Blueberry Boy Bait*, and take it somewhere you wouldn’t ordinarily think to. Bring it in to the office, bring it to a party, bring it to your neighborhood bar. And let’s just see what happens! Is it just cake? Or will one of us get lucky and have something magical happen because of it?

Let us know your results! Email [email protected], and we’ll all report back next week.

Good luck, Betty Crockers!

*For the purposes of this experiment, it’s probably best if we just refer to it in public as “this blueberry cake thing I made,” mmkay?

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