Whenever a new social media app launches, it’s extremely important to immediately assess how useful the new product will be to your dating life. This week, we’re testing out VillageVines, the site which lets you oh-so-subtly save major bucks on dates.

Basically, VillageVines is a booking service that makes reservations at local restaurants with really high savings.

For example:

I wanted to make reservations at a restaurant for Saturday night, so I signed up for the service (for free!), and chose the date. Then, I got a handy drop-down menu which let me choose what neighborhood I was interested in dining in. (And, being a New Yorker under the age of 40 with a non-traditional office job, obviously I chose “Below 14th Street.”)

After that, I got a variety of restaurant options. I immediately chose Delmonico’s, as it’s one of those “New York Institutions” that it seems like I never get around to actually going to.

By booking my reservation with VillageVines (which has a $10 booking fee), I’ll save 30%* off my entire purchase (*on average — it can range from 25%-40%).

So if I spend $100, I save $30.

$100 bill + $10 booking fee – $30 discount = $80.

Total savings? $20.

That’s $20 in your pocket if it’s a bad date, or $20 to spend on drinks at a bar if the date goes really well. Either way, you’re saving money.

The best part of VillageVines is that since you do the booking online, ahead of time, you don’t have to awkwardly pull out a coupon when it comes time to pay the bill: it’s super-discreet. (Not that you need to be discreet about saving money, but at least the whole thing doesn’t scream “I’m not spending full price on you!”)

Verdict: We have a winner: VillageVines does help your dating life!

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