Cosmo recently talked to Jake Hurwitz of CollegeHumor, who had some pretty interesting things to say about how guys act when they like someone. Does your date do any of the following?

1. He Texts Between Noon and 5 pm

According to Hurwitz, it’s not the frequency with which a guy texts you, it’s the time period.

“You want it to be sometime between noon and 5 p.m. He’s waited just long enough not to look desperate, but he’s leaving enough time for the two of you to make solid plans. Any text after that means you’re an afterthought or his other plans fell through and he wants to get out of his house.”

2. He Schmoozes With Your Pals

For the most part, guys would rather have your undivided attention, so when they’re willing to share you with your friends, and laugh politely at a billion inside jokes he doesn’t understand, you know he’s in it to win it.

3. He Wants To Take You Out During The Day

“Someone who invites you to lunch legitimately wants to get to know you. Even better, he thinks you’re pretty enough not to need dim lighting and booze. Bonus points if he’s willing to come to your neighborhood,” Hurwitz says.

Basically, he likes you enough to risk seeing you and possibly not going home with you that night.

But Hurwitz’s best piece of advice is this:

“One more thing: We aren’t being lazy when we ask you to suggest a restaurant. We’re doing it because it guarantees that you’ll enjoy your meal.”

Seriously, this is a huge thing of contention between girls and guys. If a guy asks you to pick a restaurant, don’t make a huge deal about him not being thoughtful or not surprising you: he just wants to make sure he’s making you happy.

4. He Emails You

If a guy emails you during work hours, it means he wants to talk to you during his dreary day: it’s the more romantic version of playing solitaire.


“Be wary of the guy who prefers Facebook messaging. Men use it as a distraction, and chances are, yours isn’t the only wall he’s writing on. Hell, he’s probably even poking other chicks. Side note: There’s nothing lamer than a guy who uses the poke function.”

So true!

Agree or disagree? Any other random signs to add? Tell us in the comments!

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