Well, it’s June 1st, which means we’re about halfway through the year. The Frisky did a post on Half-Year Resolutions, which begets the question: Have you been keeping up with your dating resolutions?

June is a really good time to take stock of your dating year so far. Are you happy with your dating life? Satisfied with the frequency and quality of your dates?

If so, think about how you can up the ante and make things even better.

If you’re unhappy with your dating life, try to come up with some resolutions that might change the quality of your dating life, your attitude, or both.

Need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions:

1. Set A Target

Is there a type that you’ve always been attracted to or intrigued by, but never actually dated? (For instance, today on Glamour: True Dating Confession: I’ve Never Been With A Guy Who Had Tattoos.)

Set a target and go after it! This means that every time you see your goal (ex: guy with tattoos), you HAVE to at least talk to them.

2. Post At Least One Date A Week

If you feel like you aren’t going on enough dates, be proactive and post a date a week. This means, next time you’re walking by a bar you want to try, post it as a date. See an upcoming concert you’re interested in? Post it. Need plans for Wednesday night? Post it.

The more dates and variety of dates that you post, the more people you’ll talk to, the better the odds of getting responses, etc. etc.

There’s no downside to posting a ton of dates, so just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

3. Set Up Your Friends

What goes around comes around, so put a penny in your karmic piggy bank and set up some of your friends. They’ll be more inclined to keep an eye out for someone for you in order to return the favor.

4. Do Something That Scares You Once A Week

That girl at the coffee shop who makes your palms sweat? Approach her. The cute guy who’s way out of your league? Buy him a drink.

Dating is scary, yes, but not dating because you’re too shy or scared is the road to nowhere.

5. Break Out Of Your Routine

Everyone likes drinks and dinner, but what would you really do on a date, if you could do anything in the world? Dating is supposed to be fun, not routine.

If your dating year has been lackluster so far, it’s not too late to switch things up. Here’s to an amazing second half of 2020!