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B-Sides... - "Say something once why say it again"

So, in another post we said we were picky. Or maybe we didn't say that, but we are. This played itself out rather epically in the search for a logo for our site. Here's an assortment of b-sides...attempts garnered from various NYC designers, artist friends, parental figures, exorbitantly late nights, sudden efforts to master photoshop, and so forth. We owe them all a huge thank you for their patience, effort and support.

Our first logo looked like this, but in red. The red one is gone.

Then, enter our actual designer (David Potsialdo of Intridea) and an assortment of artists we brought on board. Here are some mock-ups:

The napkin concept:

The daring water buffalo:

The city concept. We decided it'd be good to gather inspiration through um-not-so-legal means one night and decided within five minutes that our brand was... THE CITY! So obvious right? No dating site had branded itself as the site for singles living in cities. Here's the chaos that ensued from that clever idea:

(This one, above, is from the lovely Susan Fisher.)

(This one, too-the smokestack emitting hearts.)

(From our intern and early confidant, Martha West.)

Then we decided-OHHH, it HAS to be a couple dancing on top of buildings. Because, obviously that's the perfect brand for us!

(The above two are also from Martha.)

(Here's Brian posing for the logo.d)

Then there was the-`it should be more Indie' phase:

And the-OH, what about a talk bubble cause like ppl are saying the dates they want to go on! Let's totally be indie and copy charles schwab in one fell stroke!

Enter some more creative types:

Enter a more sophisticated architectural designer:

Enter-Aaron's family.

(From Aaron's sister.)

Aaron's mom started to take an intensely active role, sending iphone photo logo ideas by the minute. Here are some highlights:

Then there were the many hand-drawn attempts throughout the process.

Here's one from Aaron's mom in which she gets philosophical:

We decided super-realism probably wasn't our core branding strategy.

At some point Aaron decided he would try his hand on photoshop. Here's an example of his excellent work:

He also got elementary at points-here's one of his much-discussed wheeling we's.

Brian had a few sudden bouts of true illumination in the process. Here are a few of his creations:

Check out the late Picasso below from Schechter.

And here's the grand champion, from Brian (It's a mirror image of love):

In the end, we were saved by Jen Cullem:

That's our logo, and we love it!

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    38 / Female / Straight
    New York, NY

    I am so ...smiling...really...smiling looking at this process.

    April 11, 2020 at 11:35pm

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