Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen: it’s time again for’s “ Great Male Survey“, which aims to find out “what sex is really like for the modern man.”

Readers (male and female, of any orientation — though the questions definitely seem skewed towards the straight male) are asked to answer a variety of questions on love, sex, and relationships, the results of which will be published in July.

Some of the questions we’re most looking forward to seeing the results of:

How many dates should a man pay for?

-All of them.
-The majority of them until the relationship is established.
-The majority of them for the duration of the relationship.
-No more than the woman does.
-None. The woman should pay for them all.

Do you know anyone who has set up a secret Facebook account to conceal a relationship from his girlfriend/wife?

-I have done so myself.
[If the overwhelming answer to this question isn't "No," I'm becoming a nun.]

Of the four choices listed below, which is the most important personality train for deciding if a woman is “relationship material”?

-A sense of loyalty.
-A sense of humor.
-A sense of caring/nurturing.

We’re also really hoping that 2020 is the year men get it together and eviscerate the double standard when it comes to female promiscuity. Last year, the answer to this question was 10:

At what point does a woman become sexually promiscuous?

-When she sleeps with her 10th sex partner.
-When she sleeps with her 20th sex partner.
-When she sleeps with her 50th sex partner.
-When she sleeps with her 100th sex partner.

Go here to take the survey yourself!


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