Ok, so we’ve written advice for guys on how to send naked pictures to girls: mainly, don’t, but if you really feel compelled, at least try to make it somewhat funny.

The problem is, while there are certainly some women who are aroused by the sight of naked men, in general, anatomy isn’t what’s going to compel them to have sex. According to an article in the Washington Post:

“We spent six years of research on why women have sex,” Meston says. They compiled 237 reasons. Duty sex. Revenge sex. Pity sex. Bored sex, engaged in because women simply had nothing better to do. “Of the 237 reasons why women have sex,” Meston says, “not one was looking at a man’s genitals.”

So, what kind of sexts DO girls want to receive? Here’s what a few of our readers had to say.

“I would like to see a man picking out a kitten or a puppy that he is bringing to me. Or wine. He could also be bringing me wine.” -Joy Engel, ME

“Definitely doing something handyman-ish. Schwing. Like, a picture of a guy hanging drywall? Uggggggggggh (in a good way).”-Theresa, NYC

“A boy+his dog=SWOON.”-Sushi Krishnan, GA

“I’d like to see a sexy shirtless pic of a guy doing errands for his mom/helping her around the house.”-Carson Griffith, NYC

“His v-line. if you don’t know what that is, it’s the protruding hip bone area…as it points to his well-tailored slacks.”-Sara Zucker, NYC

“A guy holding whiskey and money?”-Anon, CA

“I once received a texted photo of a boy (my bf at the time) wearing a tuxedo, paisley bow tie, and top hat. It was new year’s eve. The look on his face was priceless:
uncomfortable and camera-shy but aiming to please. That’s my perfect sext.”-Cary Randolph, NYC

“Cooking me a meal. Opening a bottle of wine. Doing laundry in machines INSIDE his own apartment!!!! Honestly, just a picture of him laughing. Like a genuine, real laugh.”-Caitlin Fink, NYC

“A pic of groceries for a dinner that he’s preparing.”-Katherine Garcia, NYC

“Just a smile, if he has nice teeth.” Mara Siegler, NYC

“I would like to see a photo of a Jon Hamm lookalike (my imaginary boyfriend) wearing a suit, holding flowers in one hand and using his other hand to help a grandma cross the street. SWOON.” -Erin Carlson, NYC

“A guy I dated was going home to one of my team’s football games one weekend (we are from the same hometown.) He sent me a text of the stadium and said he was thinking of me when he was there! ahhhhhhhhh be still my heart.”-Anon, SC

“Picture of a guy drinking a Budweiser on the beach, sporting a well-seasoned drinkers belly- shirtless.”-Sophie Klein, NYC

“Uhm, a picture of him in a nice shirt?”-Daryl Daley, CA

“A pic of sheet music for the song he’s writing for me.” Anon, Los Angeles

“A picture of Colin Firth.”-Me.

We want to hear your dream sexts! Are you a traditionalist when it comes to sexting? Or do you want something a little subtler? Let us know!

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