The women over at The Frisky have complied a list of their Top 12 Dating Fetishes where men are concerned. While most of these turn-ons are fairly obvious (beard scruff, muscles, being tall) there were some pleasant surprises that bode well for the less-than-perfect guy. For example:

Glasses- There’s a lot of nerdy 12 year old boys that need to know that, when they grow up, their specs will be HOT.

Technical Prowess- I know that lifting heavy things and putting together an IKEA bookcase with a minimum of frustrated cursing can be kind of hot, but explaining how a touch screen works? I had no idea.

Bald- I mean, I’m sure they mean Bruce-Willis-bald as opposed to Jason-Alexander-bald, but it’s still nice to hear.

Big Noses- Shine up that honkin’ schnoz, boys, and rock it.

Chub- Dudes. This should not be taken as excuse to order Domino’s Stuffed Crust for the third night in a row but, it’s nice to know there’s some leeway.

I imagine that most of these only apply if you’re attractive in other ways (ie. already hot, talented, kind, capable, funny, etc). So don’t think you can just go around being a big-nosed, chubby, bald jerk, okay?

[The Frisky]

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