Best news ever, guys: it’s National Doughnut Day! A whole day made to celebrate that perfectly rotund and friendly dessert.

It’s been a few years now that doughnuts have been out of the spotlight: fancier desserts like cupcakes and macarons have taken its place as America’s Favorite Pastry.

But if you think about these desserts in terms of relationship metaphors, (and why wouldn’t you?) wouldn’t you rather have your relationship be a doughnut than a cupcake or a macaron? Cupcakes are treacly and twee, macarons are small and unsatisfying, but a donut is an unpretentious and delicious treat at any time of day.

You can do donuts up (high-end restaurants have started serving them as desserts), you can make cultural twists (like the beignets of New Orleans), you can have them for breakfast for $6 a dozen, or you can eat them with champagne for a perfect mix of high-low.

Did we convince you to celebrate National Doughnut Day? Awesome. But remember, no one can eat all those doughnuts alone. Find someone to share them with–someone who appreciates the doughnut as much as you now do.

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