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10 First Date Mistakes

Rich Santos over at Marie Claire has written a helpful list of first date mistakes--behaviors and actions that can make a bad impression. Below are our 5 favorites -- are you guilty of doing any of these?

Arriving Late

No one likes to wait by themselves at the bar, while the bartender sends them pitying looks. Making your date go through that isn't exactly ingratiating.

Getting Too Drunk

You might need some liquid courage before your date, and that's fine, but you really shouldn't have more than two drinks during your date. If you have more than that, your behavior might start to alter in ways which at the time are imperceptible to you, but really obvious to your date. You might get more agressive, you might get sloppy, you might get incoherent. Just keep it together for the first date!

Bringing Friends

Okay, there's no such thing as bringing friends on a first date. The second you bring friends, it stops being a date. Sure, you want your date to eventually hang out with your buddies, but you've gotta put in some solid alone time, too. Even meeting up with friends after dinner is tricky -- best to save that for subsequent dates.

Dominating The Conversation

A lot of people do this on dates: they'll become so preoccupied with making a good impression, that they'll do all the talking. Remember to ask questions! Remember YOU are going to be dating them, and not just vice versa!

Canceling Last Minute Or Standing Someone Up

Unless it's a genuine emergency, there's really no excuse for this. You can afford to spend an hour with someone--cut it short if you're really not feeling it. But standing someone up is pretty reprehensible, and your dating karma will definitely suffer for it.

Read the rest of Rick's list here.

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