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The Love Seat: Meet Amanda (& Buy Her a Whiskey)

Have a list of dating dos and don'ts? Share your opinion. Contact us to be featured on The Love Seat.

Travel guide Production Associate Amanda takes her turn on the Love Seat: This Detroit Tigers fan knows her comic book heroes and likes creative men who love a certain Great American Novel, own an air conditioner, and can deal with some mockery. Plus, she goes in for the kiss. Learn more about Amanda and propose dates to her here.

HBW dater hundredfeet

What kind of men do you date?
Guys who don't take themselves too seriously and can put up with a little sarcasm. Otherwise, I won't date them for very long because they'll think I'm mean.

What book would you love your date to love?
Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. It's my favorite.

What is the worst thing about dating in NYC?
By far, the awkward subway goodbye. One time a date gave me a goodnight high-five before running out of the subway. There was no third date for that one. And I love high-fives, but not at the end of a date!

What makes you go on a second date?
Curiosity. First dates are super awkward. As long as the first date isn't awful, you should always go on a second date.

What is the most creative way you've asked someone out?
When I first moved here, I met a Yankees fan while watching the [Detroit] Tigers play the Yankees in the 2020 World Series. He was cute, but my friends wanted to leave the bar, so we did. We started walking down the street when I decided to run back and give the guy a napkin, saying `I forgot to give this to you.' On it, I had written `GO TIGERS' and my phone number. We went out a couple of times, but it didn't work out... he was a Yankees fan.

What is one reason to keep dating someone after you know you're not into it?
Air conditioning.

Please share a go-to first date move - even if it means you'll no longer be able to use it after this interview.
Dropping the word "adamantium." I date nerds.

What was your worst date?
This wasn't my worst date, but... After dinner with friends, I ran into the guy I was dating outside of a nearby bar. I was so excited to see him, especially because I was going out of town that week that I gave him a huge hug - only to realize later he was with a girl. We weren't exclusive and he called me an hour later to laugh about it, but still I ruined his date. In a good way - for me.

How do you handle the first kiss?
I tend to get impatient when I feel like it's about to happen, so I just go for it. It hasn't been a problem, as far as I know. Three or four whiskeys help. It doesn't work as well on really tall guys.

What is your ideal HowHookup date?
Something that I wouldn't have thought of myself.

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