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Why It's Important To Know Your League

Interesting topic over at MyDaily today: does acting more like a "girl" or "guy" get you more dates with guys?

According to a new study, people who act according to traditional gender stereotypes are better at assessing their own attractiveness, and therefore better able to get dates.

Why is knowing how hot you are important? Because if you know your desirability, you're more likely to go after people within your range, or in layman's terms, you know your league. And if you aren't wasting your time trying to date Angelina Jolie, or worse, dating way below you, you're way more likely to actually get dates. And if you spend a lot of time going on dates, you get better at dates, which makes you more desirable, and, well, the cycle continues.

According to the study:

"From an evolutionary perspective, the best way to pass your genes on is to reproduce with the highest-quality mate you can find without wasting your time chasing after people out of your league."

So how does gender play into all of this? According to the study, men who were considered more "hetero" (aka, promiscuous) were much better at predicting their own desirability: same thing with women who had traditionally feminine traits (warmth, trust, and cooperativeness).

If you don't particularly adhere to gender stereotypes, there's no compelling reason to start guzzling beer/wearing pink. But what you should take away from this study is the importance of knowing your dating range. You're awesome, so don't sell yourself short -- but also don't go after people with significantly different qualities or lifestyles than you.

One more takeaway from this study? Just like Mom always said, practice makes perfect. The test subjects who had more experience dating got better at it. And trust us, practicing dating is a lot more fun than practicing the violin.

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