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Post an Awesome Date on HowHookup's Mobile App & Win $500!

The brand new HowHookup iPhone app is going to benefit your dating life astronomically. You'll have easier access to thousands of great date ideas. You'll be able to respond to date suggestions and ask people out on the fly, turning messages into actual dates even faster. It will be super-easy to post all of your awesome date ideas the second they pop into your brain and, if you find yourself out somewhere that would make a great date spot, the new app can pinpoint your location and post it as a date with just a couple of clicks. Plus, it's free.

What more incentive could we possibly give you to download and use the app? How Hookup...give you five hundred bucks!

Here's the deal: Use the app to post the most awesome, creative, fun date you can think of between now and Sunday (6/12). We'll comb through 'em all and post our favorites here as finalists on Monday. Then, we'll open it up to voting and let you decide which one should be crowned the winner; whoever posted that date will win $500.

Questions? We've got answers:

"What kind of dates are you looking for?"

Inventive dates. Fun dates. Something that gives us a sense of your personality. And it should be a first date you'd actually go on -- so while "How Hookup... rent a private jet and go island-hopping" sounds pretty amazing, it's a little too unrealistic to win this contest.

Some examples of dates we like are:

"How Hookup… hit up some "secret" Lower East Side speakeasy bars with fake mafia names?

"How Hookup… enjoy thirsty Thursday at the Bricktown ballpark, then get some food and play some pool at the brewery."

"How Hookup… go to hot yoga and then cool off with your choice drink at the central park boathouse."

For more pointers, check out our proven formula for the perfect first date -- and get some inspiration from the 25 most popular dates of 2020.

"What's the $500 for?"

Up to you, but we'd suggest using it to fund a slew of great dates...or to buy a new summer wardrobe to wow your dates...or to go on one fanatically epic date, if you so choose. Whatever will make your dating life even more awesome this summer.

"So I should just post a $500 date to enter the contest, since I'm going to win anyway! Right?"

Please don't post a date that you wouldn't actually go on if you didn't have $500 burning a hole in your pocket. Because we won't pick it. And then you and your date will be sad (and broke).

"OK, I just posted an awesome date. How do I make sure it's in the running?"

All you need to do is post it via the app and we'll see it.

But, if you want to increase your chances of winning, go to your profile and take a screenshot of your date from your phone (by pressing the "home" and top buttons simultaneously) and post it on our Facebook wall or tweet it at us: "I just entered @HowHookup's iPhone app date contest: [link to screenshot]".

"If I post a hundred dates, will that up my chances of winning?"

The first ten dates you post (via the app) between now and Sunday will be entered into the contest.

"What's the catch?"

No catch! But, your HowHookup profile does need to be filled out fully -- meaning at least one photo uploaded and five profile questions answered. It won't take you more than ten minutes and it's the only way to get the most out the site.

Download the app here to get started.

Good luck, and happy dating!

The Date Report is the companion blog to, a dating site that makes it fun and easy to go on awesome dates.

How it works: 1) Invent fun dates. 2) Ask people out. 3) Do something awesome, together. Sign up for free here.

Don't forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook -- and download our brand-new app here!


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