In a recent study of data collected from over 100,000 dates posted on, we determined that the most popular night for dates is Wednesday. Hands down.

It’s a little unexpected, right?

Well, an article published in The New York Times Magazine this weekend might point to a reason why. Christian Rudder of OkCupid was interviewed about the best nights (and times of night) to pick someone up at a bar. Rudder studied OkCupid users with four specific characteristics that he believes might suggest sexual availability (willing to have sex on a first date, adventurous, extroverted, “looking for” casual sex) and was able to determine, based on data collected from mobile usage, when these users are more likely to go out.

You’re not gonna believe which night of the week this set of randy singlefolk was most often looking to get their groove on.

Yup. Wednesday. I guess they don’t call it “hump day” for nothing.

So, is it possible that people respond more often to dates proposed for a Wednesday because they think they’re more likely to have sex? It seems doubtful given that this data hasn’t been available until very recently. Is it more of a subliminal response, then? Maybe after years and years of singles randomly getting lucky on Hump Day, “Wednesday=Sex” has worked its way into the collective unconscious and influenced our date night scheduling decisions. Until a study in which the sexual arousal of test subjects is measured as they flip through a day-planner is published, we’ll never know for sure.

What we can say, decisively, is that whether you’re looking for an actual date or just a hook-up, mid-week is, statistically speaking, your best bet. One has to wonder, then, what a study of demeanor and productivity on Thursday mornings would show. How ’bout it, Science?

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