Sure, you can drive to a movie theater* at the mall and sit in seats that may or may not have bedbugs while sipping overpriced sodas and stale popcorn. Or, you could go somewhere entirely more original and romantic: the drive-in theater.

If you were born after 1970, there’s a good chance you’ve never actually been to a drive-in theater, but while they aren’t a staple of summer entertainment anymore, they’re not as hard to find as you think. In fact, nearly every state still has at least one drive-in still in operation.

Drive-ins these days usually show current movies, so if you’re dying to catch “X-Men: First Class” or the final Harry Potter, you can still see them on the big (big) screen. (Many also show throwback movies, so if a “Philadelphia Story” date night is more your speed, you can catch that, too.)

You’ll probably end up paying less than you would at a normal theater, and most drive-ins offer double feature specials. Once you pay your admission price, just tune your radio to the broadcast channel, put your seat back, enjoy the delicious snacks you picked up on the way, and watch the movie. You and your date can talk as much as you want (or, um, do other things…) without ever worrying about bothering the people around you.

Pretty ideal date, eh?

For a pretty comprehensive list of drive-ins across the country, go here.

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*Word of warning: If you do go on a date to the movie theater, beware the armrest!

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