Think for a minute: How much of our dating lives are we already managing from our mobile devices? We can book hair appointments, buy clothes and shoes, get restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, find a nearby happy hour, get a number for a car service, find directions, etc. all using our smartphones. Without giving it a second thought, we’ve been using our phones to figure out where to go on a date, how to get there on time and how to look good when we show up. And now, we can use our mobile devices to help us with the most important element of any date — who we go out with.

This is exactly what an ever-growing number of singles have discovered as they’ve made the move to online dating and then to mobile. But does mobile dating really differ so much from online dating? According to eFlirt Expert Laurie Davis, there are advantages to both.

“Joining a site like HowHookup opens up your dating world to new possibilities. You’ll meet people you wouldn’t otherwise come across in real life,” says Davis. “Online dating is an empowerment tool, too. Instead of hoping and praying you’ll bump into Mr. or Ms. Right, you can take fate into your own hands and be proactive.”

Both online dating and mobile dating share these benefits, but it would seem that mobile dating keeps you more connected. “Mobile dating is meant to support your dating life on the go,” explains Davis. “You can respond to messages in a timely manner, find dates near you in real-time and ensure you won’t lose touch with dates while on vacation. It just depends on the app you’re using and the need you have.”

Beyond connectivity and efficiency, mobile dating may affect the way we date in more subtle ways. By getting off the laptop and flirting, responding to messages and asking people out on the fly, our online dating lives become more integrated with our everyday lives. According to Davis, it’s part of a natural progression.

“At the end of the day, society has changed, so the way we meet people and date has to evolve with it,” says Davis, “We’re using technology for so many things that previously would not simply involve the touch of a button like cooking, fitness and banking. If you can find out where your friends are out and about by using Foursquare, it only makes sense that you can also find the hotspots where singles who fit your preferences are hanging out.”

Whether or not mobile dating will replace more “traditional” online dating remains to be seen. Davis believes that it’s best to consider a new innovation in dating technology to be another tool in an ever-expanding toolbox. It’s up to each individual to pick the tools that suit them best: “The success of dating through tech really relies heavily on what types of tech you’re using. You always want to choose tools that are a natural extension of what you’re already doing in life.”

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