Activity is what makes you famous on dating and social networking sites: Every time you upload a new picture, answer a profile question, send a message, “like” something, “wink” at someone, or even just log in to your account, that’s activity. And it’s what gets you noticed.

On HowHookup, the most attention-getting activity is, of course, posting or reposting dates. Each time you post a new date, you show up at the top of the feed on any user’s “date stream” whose match criteria you meet. So the more often you post dates, the more likely you are to get noticed by people who are looking for people like you.

Easy, right? Sure it is. But if you’re looking for an even easier way to increase your chances of getting hits, just log in everyday. Every time you log in on HowHookup, your gorgeous mug floats right to the top of the “people stream,” ready for the next love of your life to click.

Dating sites are like anything else — you get back as much as you put into them. It’s simple: if you’re on a dating site, use it.

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