When it comes to practicing safe sex, who’s responsibility is it to have condoms: the man’s, or the woman’s? A recent debate on Yahoo Shine! had women weigh in on both sides of the argument.

Some argued that men should be the ones carrying the condom–after all, it does go on the man, right? And we’d never expect men to carry a diaphragm, for instance.

Others argued that since women are the ones who get pregnant, it should be up to them to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy (and STDs, naturally) by carrying condoms themselves.

But most women surveyed believe that the responsibility of condoms shouldn’t rely on just one person.

Here’s HowHookup’s unequivocal stance on the issue:

If you think you might have sex, then you should have a condom.

Whether you are a man or a woman.

We’re lucky to live in a sexually liberated society, but if you want to take full benefit of the opportunities available to you, you also have to take responsibility. You have to protect yourself from STDs, pregnancy, and those bummer nights when you find a willing and able partner, but neither of you have a condom. (Nothing puts a damper on the momentum like having to run to the drugstore after clothes have come off. “You don’t have one?” “No, don’t you?”)

Keep some in your house, and if you think there’s any chance of having sex, your purse, your pocket, etc.

It’s 2020, and sex should be a 50/50 experience. Both parties are willing, both parties receive mutual satisfication (or at least attention), and both should have protection.

It’s not the man’s responsibility, or the woman’s: it’s yours.

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