A pick-up artist is a guy who is interested in one thing and one thing only: picking up women. Not a relationship, not a date, not even necessarily you: these guys are on the hunt for women’s numbers. These guys are encouraged to walk into a bar and try to get the number of every woman there: once they have your number, they move on to the next girl.

In other words, not date material. At all.

Luckily, pick-up artists are pretty easy to spot once you know their strategies.

According to Quora users, you can identify these guys by the following characteristics:

-They’re in a hurry – they aren’t actually interested in having coffee next Tuesday.

-They’re intense – they’ll stand too close and stare too deeply into your eyes/cleavage.

-Pick-Up artists are all taught the importance of “peacocking”, aka wearing something outlandish or holding a random object to get you to notice them/ask about it. Look for ridiculous clothing, weird haircuts, or a random out of place object like a bowling ball or a towel.

-They come over to your group and start off by handing you a “neg“, or a back-handed compliment. For example: “Vodka soda? Really? That’s kind of adorable.” Or, “Has anyone ever told you you wear too much foundation?”

-They proceed to explain/show some really interesting things to everyone else in your group, largely ignoring you. This has the effect of making you increasingly interested in what they have to say, but when you try to get in on the conversation they keeps pushing you out, tantalizing you even more.

-They’ll never simply ask for your number. A guy who says “So, uh, can I get your number?” and seems nervous about it might actually be interested in you. A pick-up artist will basically demand your number. “Hey, I gotta get back to my friends, but give me your number.” Or, he’ll try to do some kind of question or bet, where if you lose you have to give him your number. And you’ll lose. It will be rigged, and you will always lose.

Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!

If a dude does any of these things (with the exception, maybe, of the peacocking), you should ignore the guy. If he’s not a pick-up artist, then he’s just a jerk.

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