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Wholesome But Sound Dating Advice From 1949

When you first started dating (Middle school? High School? Later?) did you have anyone to show you the ropes? In 1949, someone must have thought dating was a sufficiently important life-skill to warrant a 12 minute long instructional video, for those kids who maybe didn't want to ask Mom or Dad.

The video, which chronicles young Woody as he goes about his first date, is wholesome enough to make "Wheel of Fortune" seem like racy television content.

Still, the messages in the video are still applicable today.

"How do you do it?" Woody asks Ed, after he effortlessly asks a girl out. "Practice!" Ed replies. (Yes! The best way to get better and more confident with dating is to just do a lot of it!)

"I think the important part of a date," says Anne, winsomely, "is to have a good time, and you don't need to spend a lot of money to do that!" (Um, how old do you think Anne is today? Think she'd be interested in being a spokesperson for HowHookup?)

"My first date was an hour late--and didn't even bother to call me! Ooooh, I was so mad!" (Don't be late, but if you are, call! We of course have the added advantage of cell phones, so no excuse for not doing this.)

"I'll call ya next week!" Says Woody as he says goodbye to Anne, before walking away, whistling. (Like your date? Let them KNOW!)

Someone should seriously consider making a modern version of this for today's high schoolers.

(Also. Woody's older brother, Ed? My pile.)

Via Glamour

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