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6 Great Dates That Won't Necessarily Lead to the Bedroom

AskMen published another helpful guide for horny dudes today -- 10 Dates That Lead To the Bedroom. Their suggestions ranged from a chocolate fondue date to a casino date (I did once walk in on people having full on sex in the bathroom at Foxwoods, once, so there may be something to this one). They may work, they may not. It all depends, of course, on whether or not there’s chemistry to begin with. Fondue can get real awkward, real fast if you’re not that into each other. Besides that, you might not be looking for sex right off the bat.

It may come as a surprise (in fact, I know it will), but not every guy is looking to get laid on the first date. And, we know that women who aren’t just interested in casual sex can sometimes be a little wary of suggestive date ideas. So, how do you say “Hey girl. I’m not just looking to bone you. I want to, like, get to know you and stuff?” (without actually saying that, I mean). Here are six date ideas that will make your pure intentions quite clear.

1. “How Hookup... volunteer at a nursing home.”

Hanging out with senior citizens rules. Members of the greatest generation have reached a point in their lives where they couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of them. It can be inspiring. Plus they have great stories and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be told what a great couple you are like 80 times. It’s like getting other people to do the flirting for you.

2. “How Hookup... toss a frisbee in the park and get some ice cream.”

I know all about the ol’ “afternoon delight,” but, in general, daytime dates that don’t involve alcohol don’t scream “I want to put my skyrocket in your... sky.”

3. “How Hookup... get breakfast before work.”

This date is increasingly popular. It works because there’s kind of an inherent sexiness in getting breakfast together -- an activity normally reserved for the “morning after” -- but, since you’ve both got to get to work, there’s no chance of it going any further than just getting to know each other.

4. “How Hookup... meet at the park and walk our dogs.”

The dog walking date is a great way to bond. You like dogs, she likes dogs. if your dogs get along, you’re golden. But going back to her place? Or yours? With two dogs in tow? With the barking outside the door and the running around knocking things over? Not happening.

5. “How Hookup... spend an afternoon playing Scrabble in a coffee shop.”

It’s a fact: nerdy girls get turned on by winning at Scrabble. It’s also a fact that nerdy girls get turned on by being beaten at Scrabble. But, in either case, it’s more of a “file away for later” kind of turned on than a “meet me in the bathroom in five minutes” kind of turned on.

6. “How Hookup... get manicure/pedicures together.”

First of all, if you’re a dude and you’ve never gotten a mani/pedi, stop wasting your life, my brother. They’re awesome. And, because it’s not the kind of thing you’d ever do on your own, it makes a perfect date. Suggesting something that a woman normally does with her girlfriends shows that, A) you’re confident in your masculinity, B) you might be boyfriend material and C) you appreciate the finer things in life, even if they’re totally for girls.

Of course it's conceivable that, if you both want it bad enough any of these dates COULD lead to sex. But if you're sincerely looking to just get to know someone, any one of these should help you to stave off your animal passions for at least one date.

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