Have you ever felt like a date went on just a bit too long? Last night, at the HowHookup My-So-Called Internet Week Party, one of the attendees shared a dating tip that I’d never heard before: The 3 Hour Rule.

According to the girl (whose name is Olivia) first dates often sort of peter out at the end, even if you’ve been having a great time. In fact, the pattern of dates can often be described as sort of a bell curve.

The First Date Bell Curve

According to Olivia, it’s essential to beat the bell curve by leaving at the peak of the date. The moment she thinks to herself “Wow, this person is awesome! This is so fun!”, she makes an excuse to leave — “I’m having so much fun but I have to run to a friend’s dinner/ be at work at 7 tomorrow/ wait for a delivery. Can we do this again?”

The strategy ensures that both she and her date are slightly disappointed that the date has come to an end, and therefore more excited about next time. The most she will ever stay on a first date is 3 hours.

What Do You Think?

I’ve definitely noticed that dates sometimes have expiration points: you’ve been having a great time, but all of the sudden you’re tired of walking/hungry/running out of things to say/too tipsy, etc.

If you were to take me aside during the peak of a really great date and ask me “Would you go out with this guy again?” I’d say “Yeah!” But all too often, if you were to ask me the same question 4 hours later, in the cab riding home, my answer would be “Eh. Maybe.”

So I can definitely see the advantage of Olivia’s strategy.

On the other hand, on those occasions when I genuinely am having “the best time!”, I’m not sure I could actually will myself to cut it short.

What do you think? Would you adopt this strategy? Let us know in the comments!