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Online Dating 101: Get A Second Opinion

Have you guys seen this E-Harmony video that's been going around? It's basically a primer on how to completely scare men (and women) away forever.

The video starts out fine--the girl is cute, has an MBA, and looks pretty nervous about what she says is her first online dating profile--adorable.

But then she starts talking about cats.

And, the second, the second she brings up cats, she starts....getting emotional. About cats. Not one cat, mind you. Not her own beloved, dearly departed kitty.


As in, the species.

But what really sets her off is the fact that she can't "hug all the cats at once."

Whether or not this is a (brilliantly executed) joke is still unclear, but, you guys, if you can't keep it together during a minute long intro video, how are you going to react on a date?

As Glamour's John Ortved hilariously points out in his very funny commentary to this video, "the lesson here is to get a second opinion on your dating profile or video."

This is actually great advice, whether you're an emotionally unstable cat lady or not: before hitting "publish," just find a friend on GChat and have him or her take a glance at your answers. Just to make sure you didn't unwittingly dip into crazytown.

And please. Try not to cry, okay?

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