OK, I never thought I would say this, but I might have a couple crush on Ice-T and Coco. Just to give you an idea of how extraordinary this is for me, know that I missed the original airing of their reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” because I was watching the Tony Awards, of all things. Also know that in the first draft of this post, I referred to him as Iced Tea. So, for them to have captured my admiration, you know these two must have something special.

“Ice Loves Coco” is a new show on E which chronicles the relationship of this famous couple, though I honestly couldn’t tell you what they’re famous for. (Don’t worry — I could have said the same thing about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson when their show first aired, and they’re still my favorite couple of all time.)

If you had asked me to describe Coco based on the horrendous pictures that pop up on the internet every so often, I doubt I would have used the words “old-fashioned.”

Yet an old-fashioned housewife is exactly what she seems to be, happily fixing lunch for her husband (who is he, again??) and cheerily extolling the virtues of traditional values. (Before you start to get prickly about gender stereotypes, as I did, rest assured that both Ice-T and Coco agree that if the man stays home while the woman works, he should be the one to “make her a god damn sandwich!”)

Coco and Ice-T have been married for ten, seemingly happy years, and while their tips on a happy relationship seem a bit eccentric, it’s easy to see how they could work.

Coco and Ice-T don’t spend nights apart.

In their entire 10 year history, Ice and Coco have only spent 1 night apart.

A decade of spending every night together seems a bit suffocating to me, but they’ve obviously not gotten bored of each other.

Coco and Ice-T share a phone

Between the two of them, they only have one cellphone. Of course this is pretty much impossible to replicate in the real world, but you can bet Ice-T isn’t gonna be having Weiner-gate scandals anytime soon.

Coco and Ice-T actively try to make each other happy

Both state the importance of doing things for the other person. I think this is super key — so many people focus on how they want to be treated in a relationship, rather than how to treat their partner.

Ice and Coco’s strategy might seem stifling, and it’s definitely a bit extreme. But what I liked most about them as a couple can be summed up by this choice-quote from Ice:

“We’re proud of the fact that we like to be around each other.”

Awwww, Ice! That’s really sweet.

And a really good reminder for the rest of us: you need to find someone that you like to be around. And when you find them, be proud of that fact.

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